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Taking A Family Vacation To LA? 3 Benefits Of Opting For A Limo Pick-Up After A Long Flight

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If you are flying to Los Angeles for the first time for a family vacation, then you likely know your first task will be getting from the airport to your hotel. Before you decide to just wait until you are in LA to hail a taxi cab, you should look into all of your transportation options and how they compare. Another great option for getting from the airport to your hotel is an LAX limo service, like LAX Car Service. If you have only ridden in limos to and from special events, then it may at first sound strange to you to have a limo pick your family up at the airport, but once you consider the benefits of choosing a limo service over a taxi cab at LAX, you will quickly realize that limos in LA are not only for the rich and famous.   1. Advanced Booking Means No Waiting for an Available Cab Whether you are traveling with small children, teenagers, or both, keeping everyone together and behaving can be a challenge when everyone is excited about their vacation. When you get to the airport, the more quickly your family can get into a vehicle the lesser the chances of a little one running off and getting lost or your teen begging you to buy all of the luxury items for sale at the airport.  If you have traveled with your family to smaller airports in less populated cities, you may have been able to snatch a cab quickly, but that is not always the case at busy LAX. You may have to wait much longer than you expect for the next available cab, and if your family does not fit into a standard taxi, waiting for an available van can take even longer.  When opting for a limo service instead of a taxi, you can arrange your pick-up time in advance, so your limo is waiting for your family as soon as you arrive at LAX. Your driver can meet you right at the baggage claim and even help you grab your luggage from the carousel and haul an extra luggage cart to the limousine.  2. Affordable Beverages and Snacks Will Be Waiting for You and the Children After a long flight, everyone will be thirsty and hungry, and the children will likely beg for you to buy them expensive treats from the airport vendors that often charge extremely inflated prices for the same food and beverages you are used to purchasing for bargain prices elsewhere. If you make them wait until they get to the hotel for beverages, then you will likely have a cranky family.  While the limo you may have ridden in to and from a special event likely had champagne, you can request that the limo picking you up from LAX include child-friendly beverages and snacks, such as juice, cookies, and fruit for just a small extra fee or as part of an all-inclusive package deal. While prices of these items vary from one limo service to another, they are typically much less expensive than what you can purchase at the airport. You then don’t have to pay sky-high airport prices for these items, and you can request a relaxing glass of wine or other adult beverage for yourself to relax...

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3 Prom Night Limo Tips for Parents

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Prom night is an exciting night for teenagers, and it’s exciting for parents as well—it’s a milestone in your child’s life that you’ll want to look back and remember fondly. However, prom night is also a real source of concern for many parents. Traditionally, teens stay out all night long on prom night. This comes with a few risks: inebriated or overtired drivers, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and generally risky behavior being high on the list. Renting a limo can help eliminate at least one concern: you’ll know for certain that your child is in the car with a safe, experienced, sober driver. And a limo ride can be a fun and exciting treat for your child. Take a look at a few limo rental tips for parents that will help your child have a fun night and help you breathe a little easier on prom night. Sharing a Limo? Collect Cash Early You should make transportation arrangements at least a few weeks before prom, to avoid any chance of finding out that every limo company in town is booked. If you’re planning to book a limo for your child and his or her date and friends, and you plan on having everyone chip in for the cost, make sure that you collect everyone’s share of the money before you book the limo. It’s a lot more difficult to get cash after the fact. By the same token, you should make sure to ask the limo company for the total price up front, including any extras. You don’t want to get your credit card statement a month after prom and find that you’re being charged a few hundred more than you anticipated. If that does happen, you will have a hard time getting the other prom goers to chip in after the fact. Decide on any extras before prom night, and specify that your child and their friends are not allowed to add on extra charges on prom night. Want Unique Pictures? Rent a Unique Limo There are many types of prom picture poses, but the pose in front of the limo, just before your teen is whisked off to the dance, is one of the best. This is a great way to really capture the excitement and anticipation of the moment, and show off everyone’s dresses, tuxes, hair, and makeup against the backdrop of the waiting limo. If you want pictures that are especially unique and fun, consider renting a unique kind of limo. There’s no reason that you have to stick with the stereotypically black or white sedan. Rent a stretch SUV or a limo bus for a different kind of look (and some extra room, too!) Some limousine companies even offer customized, one-of-a-kind cars with lots of add-ons decorating the interior and exterior of the car. You can even find custom-built trolley limos. Visit the limo company in person so that you can view all of your options and pick out something fun and special for your child’s prom night. Worried About Safety? Set Some Ground Rules Ensuring that your child and their friends are being safely chauffeured to and from the prom should take at least some of the weight off of your mind, but there are still dangers that you should watch out...

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Airport Taxis: 4 Simple Ways To Make Sure You Catch Your Flight On Time

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You booked your vacation and packed your suitcases. Everybody is excited. All you need to do now is get to the airport and board your flight. Easy, right? Unfortunately, many excited holidaymakers have to answer no to that question because they did not make the right decisions when they arranged their transport to the airport. If you want to make sure you can answer that question affirmatively, pay attention to the four following airport taxi booking tips when it comes to your next family vacation. Select the right service provider In many towns and cities, holidaymakers can choose from dozens of airport taxi services, but it pays to shop around. A high-quality, experienced taxi service could save your bacon if the unexpected happens. For example, you should always check what sort of back-up service the company offers. If your car breaks down, does the taxi service have another vehicle to send and pick you up straight away? While you will always want to find a good price, you also need to think about reliability and experience. Confirm your requirements ahead of time When it comes to airport taxis, one size does not fit all. A car that suits a lone business traveler with a single briefcase is unlikely to meet the needs of a large family armed with a pile of suitcases. As such, you should never assume the taxi service will automatically send the car you need. Confirm with the taxi service how many people need transport, along with an exact count of suitcases and hand luggage. Call out ‘special’ items. For example, the taxi company may need to make special arrangements to carry skis, surfboards and other unwieldy items. Get in touch with the taxi company as early as you can, or you may find it hard to get the car you need. Confirm an itinerary When it comes to airport taxis, you should never leave things to chance. Check what time you need to get to the airport to check in, and talk to the taxi company about the time it takes to get there from your house. In this situation, professional airport taxi services can add enormous value. An experienced provider can help you understand the average driving time and will also know about any delays that you may face in your area. Confirm the details via email, wherever possible, so you have a record of what you have agreed. Call ahead the day before the booking to confirm, and make sure you have a name and contact number you can call on the day if you have any issues. Store these details in your mobile phone, or you’ll end up running around at the last minute if there’s an issue. Get the family flight-ready Unfortunately, air travel can often lead to unwanted health issues, so it’s important to take precautions to avoid the medical problems flying can cause. For example, cabin humidity is generally lower than normal, at around 5 to 10 percent. This can dry out your eyes and skin and can also make some people feel unwell. You’re also more likely to feel poorly if you skip breakfast or lunch and travel on an empty stomach. Plan your journey so you have time do everything you need. It’s better to get up...

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